PSM Coach Difficulty Seeking Substitute Marc Klok

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PSM Coach Difficulty Seeking Substitute Marc Klok

PSM Makassar more optimistic bias won the League 1 title after defeating Bhayangkara FC with the score 2-0 on Thursday (19/10/2017) Now, the team nicknamed Juku Eja is only one point adrift of Bhayangkara FC who still exists at the top of the standings with a score of 59 points.

High confidence from the stronghold of PSM is reinforced by the presence of Marc Anthony Klok. The Dutchman is rated as the best purchase of PSM this season.

Initially, the public Makassar had doubts the presence of Marc Klok. Slowly but surely, the 24-year-old proved himself as an important pillar of PSM who now ranks third in the standings of League 1.

Until now, Marc Klok has scored four goals and three assists from 25 opportunities to play with PSM. His vital role to make PSM coach, Robert Rene Alberts, dizzy seven around when he could not play.

Reporting from, Rene Alberts difficulty finding a replacement Marc Klok when the player must be absent from the accumulated yellow card.

“I found it difficult to find a player who is commensurate with Klok, if Rashid is not injured he can replace his role in midfield,” said Rene Alberts.

Hailed the public Makassar, Marc Klok himself reluctant bragging. He also praised PSM supporters who judged very loyal and commendable.

“For me personally, the loyalty of PSM supporters is extraordinary, both when giving support at home or away time, it need more appreciation,” he said.

When asked about the chances of the champions, Marc Klok confidently expressed his will to fight for the realization of the target.

“I always say that every game is final, about every day I think about it even since my first day at PSM,” he said.

League 1 remaining four matches. Currently there are five teams that compete to become champions. In addition to Bhayangkara FC and PSM, there is Bali United who leads goal difference over PSM, Persipura Jayapura in fourth (value 56) and Madura United in fifth (54).

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