Liverpool Vs Man United, The Court So Alarm Danger for the Red

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Liverpool Vs Man United, The Court So Alarm Danger for the Red

Martin Atkinson will lead the match Liverpool vs Manchester United in the Premier League continued at Anfield Stadium on Saturday (14/10/2017).

For fans of Liverpool, 46-year-old court had a bad memory.

Because, last time Atkinson led the duel of both teams, Liverpool swallow defeat and get a red card.

The match in question took place on March 22, 2015.

Held at the Anfield Stadium as well, Liverpool defeated by a score of 1-2.

The Reds captain of the team at the time, Steven Gerrard, was also punished with a red card by Atkinson.

Ironically, Gerrard’s expulsion received only 38 seconds in as a substitute.

Liverpool disciplinary rapport in a game that Atkinson escorted is bad.

Reporting from Transfermarkt, Liverpool collected 73 yellow cards and five straight red cards in 50 games.

In addition, from the results, Liverpool just won 22 victories and swallow 15 defeats.

What about Manchester United?

For discipline, Manchester United is slightly better with a record of 56 yellow cards and four red cards, three of which are direct, in 37 matches involving Atkinson.

Similarly in terms of results. The Red Devils, they nicknamed, summed up 22 wins and eight defeats in those matches.

So, learn from historical recordings, the Atkinson figure can be a danger alarm for Liverpool.

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