Bentancur: The Awesome Buffon Goalkeeper

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Bentancur: The Awesome Buffon Goalkeeper

Rodrigo Bentancur admits he was tense when playing his first game with Juventus, where he also admired Gigi Buffon.

The 20-year-old joined the Bianconeri from Boca Junior this season, and played for 9 minutes in Genoa in Juve’s last game.

“In fact I am tense in Genoa, I do not mind if it will appear,” I Bentancur.

“Fortunately I have a chance to play my debut with this uniform, I am very happy and I will try to take advantage of every minute I get.

“Buffon has been amazing since I came here and he always treats me well. He is very kind.

“He congratulated me and when I was called to fight Genoa, his advice was to go in peace and not have to prove it. He’s a lot of help, he’s an incredible figure. “

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