Griezmann: Luxembourg Game Remind Me With Atletico

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Griezmann: Luxembourg Game Remind Me With Atletico

The French star Antoine Griezmann recently revealed a game like Luxembourg at Atletico Madrid when both teams drew 0-0 Bandar Bola.

Where, Griezmann had a chance to score in the first half, but his free kick still hit the goalpost. It was one of 34 shots of France and failed to break into Luxembourg’s goal.

One point that Luxembourg got from their counter-France game has so far collected five points, but that’s enough to keep them from topping in Group A qualifying for the 2018 World Cup. While France are still top of the table, one point ahead of Sweden.

The reason, previously played in France’s successful 4-0 win over the Netherlands and Griezmann believes the rapid changes in the situation occurred to make their struggle more severe.

“Two games in three days is especially difficult for me because I did not play in the last club,” Griezmann told local media.

“We have 11 great players, and for me it’s a beautiful thing, it bites me a little to my club, but we will keep fighting.”

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